Our People

Meghan Ayles

Product Development Coordinator

Kate Freitas

International Sales Manager

Carli Grzych

Sales & Training Manager

Chris Hobson

President & CEO

Michael Jordan

VP of Product & Operations

Carolyn LaCivita

Senior Marketing Manager, Patchology

Nichole Lanney


Sarah Loughlin

Customer Service Representative

Tara Morrill

General Manager & Brand Director

Marc Shores

VP of Finance

Kathy St. Clair

VP of Sales

Lisa Wolfe

Director of Sales, Professional

Kate Zane

Kate Zane

Creative Director

Michele Zyla

Michele Zyla



Human Happiness Coordinator


If you’re looking for Selena Gomez’ new brand, this isn’t it.

But, if you’re looking for great, effective skincare (gorgeous skin makes the best canvas for cosmetics, just saying) follow our brands. We think they’re pretty special.