Dr. Dana Nail Care Officially Launched!

If you’ve been following the press coverage of Rare Beauty Brands you’ve no doubt seen that we announced the acquisition of the Dr. Dana nail care brand last November. We’re super-excited that re-launch day is finally here and the brand is now live at drdananails.com!

Why Did RBB Acquire Dr. Dana?

The Dr. Dana brand fit literally all of the main criteria we consider before making an investment.

First and most importantly, it features a highly efficacious, truly differentiated product, the Nail Renewal System. This isn’t the all-too-common “put your logo on a stock formula” that we see in the beauty industry. This is a product that really works because it is based on real science and was invented by a real expert. The Before & Afters and consumer studies are incredible.

Which brings me to our next criterion that the brand met, namely Dr. Dana herself. Dr. Dana Stern is one of the only board certified dermatologists that devotes her entire practice to the diagnosis, treatment, and surgery of the nail. She wrote her doctoral thesis on nail health. She teaches nail health and dermatology to medical residents at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. Vogue calls her “the go-to dermatologist for nail disorders.” You get the picture.

Finally, the brand had a demonstrated track record of happy customers, productive retail partnerships and strong economics.

Why is Dr. Dana the Right Brand for Right Now?

What makes Dr. Dana even more relevant right now is that it sits at the intersection of several massive trends in the consumer and beauty market.

Consumer habits changed dramatically during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. People couldn’t go to their local salon so they experimented with DIY, at-home nail care (and many other forms of self care). And in the process they found that, wow, they could get great results while saving time and money by skipping the salon and doing these treatments at home. While people will of course go back to see their beauty professionals, the at-home trend is here to stay.

And while many consumers have played with press-on nails and other fun form factors, the “naked manicure” is a very hot trend, custom-made for those who want their nails to look healthy and lustrous, but don’t want to be too flashy or “made up.” It fits a broader societal trend around healthier, more natural and authentic living.

At the same time, we’re seeing the “skinification” of many adjacent beauty categories. This term refers to the revolution that has happened in skincare over the past couple of decades, where products has become increasingly scientific, with breakthrough ingredients and steps or tools adapted from medical treatments. Olaplex did it in hair care. Dr. Dana brings that expertise, and she is the first to bring skin concepts like exfoliation to the nail space, which is the first step of the Nail Renewal System.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Dr. Dana has a big vision! While we can’t be too specific yet, you can bet that Dr. Dana is going to bring her expertise to a range of nail health products and continue to raise the bar in the category. Stay tuned!