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What’s going on with the US Consumer?

Just yesterday Dave Kimbell, the CEO of Ulta [full disclosure: one of Rare Beauty Brands’ largest customers] made comments that precipitated a roughly 15% decline in the company’s stock price, the largest single-day decline in several years. Shares in several other prominent beauty companies saw similar declines in the wake of his remarks. Specifically, Mr.… Read more »

1st Annual RBB Summit: Our Antidote to the WFx Blues

Last week (almost) the entire Rare Beauty Brands (RBB) team traveled to Arizona for our first annual RBB Summit. This was our way to address the WFx blues. As a company we’ve fully embraced the Work From Anywhere (WFx) transition over the past several years. A the same time, we feel that it is super-important… Read more »

Metaverse – Fad or the Future of Beauty Commerce?

Staying relevant in the always changing beauty industry took on added meaning in the context of the recent news that one-time darling startup brand Glossier has seen sales declines of ~20% for the past two years in a row, and just laid off a third of its workforce. 🙁 What happened to Glossier? Some of… Read more »

The Real Challenge of WFH: Trust (Part 2 of 2)

My last post took a swing at some of the oft-cited downsides of the new WFx experiment that corporate America is running in real-time. In contrast to what has quickly become popular wisdom, I think most businesses (including us at Rare Beauty Brands) have found that at least in the short term, productivity is up… Read more »

Finance & Operations

Metrics Monday: Supply Chain Metrics we Use at RBB

It seems that everywhere you look these days, people are talking about the supply chain crisis, both in the economy overall, and in the beauty industry more specifically. I won’t rehash those analyses, but you can check out some of my favorite ones here and here and here and here. Personally, my best guess is… Read more »