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Celebrating the RBB/BGV Beauty Pitch Competition

Celebrating Successes Along the Way Yesterday we celebrated Juneteenth, a holiday that commemorates the official emancipation of enslaved Black people in the USA. So it seemed like an appropriate time to step back and celebrate the efforts of the teams at Rare Beauty Brands, Black Girl Ventures and Ulta in creating the most successful Beauty… Read more »

Metaverse – Fad or the Future of Beauty Commerce?

Staying relevant in the always changing beauty industry took on added meaning in the context of the recent news that one-time darling startup brand Glossier has seen sales declines of ~20% for the past two years in a row, and just laid off a third of its workforce. 🙁 What happened to Glossier? Some of… Read more »

Unapologetically Omnichannel

At Rare Beauty Brands, we are “unapologetically” omnichannel. What do I mean by that? The past few years have seen the dramatic rise of DTC brands, followed quickly by the rise of Amazon-only brands. Many of these brands were able to scale very rapidly by leveraging changes in the ways that brands connect with consumers… Read more »