What is a Rare Article?

Crossword clue: an intriguing object worth collecting (11 letters).

Welcome to Rare Articles, the Rare Beauty Brands blog, where we will periodically take the time to explore the challenges, issues and opportunities surrounding the process of building great brands and businesses in today’s ultra-competitive environment.

What is a Rare Article?

I fell in love with brands at an early age. My father was a lettering artist and his handiwork contributed to great brands such as McDonald’s and IBM. In fact he got me my first brand advertising gig – I’m the kid in the 1970’s garb reaching for the ice cream in the pic associated with this post.

I started my first brand out of my college dorm room and then went to Procter & Gamble to learn how to do it the right way. P&G was an amazing place to learn about brands and general management and I recommend it as an early career opportunity to anyone. We use many of the classic P&G precepts at RBB today (and several of us are ex-P&Gers), but brand building has changed in so many ways with the advent of the Internet, social media etc. and we are updating many of the classical brand management concepts accordingly.

Hopefully the posts will deliver on the crossword clue above by being both “intriguing” and “worth collecting.” And the articles may end up being rare indeed, as the day-to-day pressures of running a company compete for my time. But I will endeavor to post something roughly once per week, as long as I feel there is something worthwhile to say and sufficient time to say it well. I will trust you, dear reader, to correct my judgment in these matters through the comments.